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With all of the crazy and busy activities winding down for a short time it has been nice to sit back and look at our accomplishments so far this year. Plus, ideas for the upcoming weeks! Our officer team did really, really well at the Sectional Opening/Closing contest on Wednesday. After several weeks of practices, the team ended up winning the contest and Carley was recognized as the Outstanding President. It is such a relief to know that all of their practice and hard work paid off. :)

On another note, with fall here, I have decorated a few pumpkins and also found a pumpkin arrangement idea that we can use for our Fall Awards Banquet in November. Super excited to try the idea out. You spray pumpkins with clear coat and then hot glue fake flowers, leaves, ribbon and raffia to the top. Super easy and super cute!

This past week my OH students have been hard at work, removing rocks and boulders so that we can landscape and plant grass in part of the OH unit. I was going through some pictures from the past year and it is really amazing to realize and remember how much work my past and current students are putting into the OH unit! I am so impressed with their cooperation and investment and cannot wait to see the results of their work. :) Overall, the past week has been relatively smooth and we have had many successes, both large and small. I am excited for the remainder of the semester and so happy that fall is finally here! 

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